UKFRAS is owned and run by Mr Scott Moffitt. Scott spent 28 years in the British Army where his final rank was as a Warrant Officer when he left in 2011. In 2007 Scott set up a Health & Safety consultancy company, Evoke Safety Management, and ran a small portfolio of clients in his local area of North Wales and The Wirral.

Once he left the army he worked on the growth of Evoke and, after carrying out consultancy work for them, he purchased UKFRAS in 2014. With Evoke Safety Management and UKFRAS now under his stewardship this became the Evoke Group in 2015. However, with an already established client base, he opted to keep the UKFRAS brand and retain the familiarity for its customers rather than re-market the company.

In 2015 Evoke Group doubled its turnover from 2014 and brought a whole host of new clients under its protective and supportive wing. We’re aiming for similar growth going forward whilst maintaining our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Who We Are

We are an independent fire safety company offering advice and guidance in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) which is the principle legislation governing fire safety in the UK.

Our diversity is our strength, we are willing and able to undertake fire risk assessments of any commercial premises from offices to factories, or from schools to shops. No commercial site is too small or too large which is demonstrated by our multi-sector portfolio of clients.

What We Do


Our assessors are trained and competent to undertake comprehensive site wide fire risk assessments of commercial premises. They will identify fire safety issues or shortfalls in order to enable the “Responsible Person” (RP), to safely manage the property and protect the persons within from the threat of fire.

  • We will identify non-compliance with the RRFSO & offer advice to rectify the issues. The advice will include the production of a bespoke fire risk assessment manual that will guide you through the rectification points and ensure your site remains compliant and the people within the buildings safe.
  • Our portfolio of clients demonstrate our diversity including organisations from the aviation, manufacturing, care, education, retail, local government, property management & the hospitality industry as examples.

Our diversity is our strength, we are able to undertake fire risk assessments at any location from office to factory or shop. No commercial site is to small or large as is demonstrated by our multi sector portfolio of clients.

Our History


Company Founded


National Expansion


Scott Moffitt becomes UKFRAS Managing Director


Became a full member of the Evoke Group

Our Mission

To provide all of our customers with a clear, jargon free fire risk assessment report that satisfies regulatory requirements and prioritises our findings to allow you to deal with any problems, or potential problems, as quickly as possible.

Our Promise

You will have your report within 10 days of the assessment taking place. We also offer telephone support for any fire risk or fire safety questions you may have in the twelve months following our assessment, for your further peace of mind. The report is supplied in electronic and printed formats, which can be used for both client reference and insurance purposes.